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Terres Précieuses

Terres Précieuses

Terres Précieuses

This collection is caracterised by a simple and sober formal language. Every crude clay surface is polished, and receives and Gold or Platinum finish.

Potters art.
Peter Fink makes object out of clay caracterised by a simple and sober formal language. Either simple and expressive. Nothing superfluous on his plates, cups and vases. On his new works no glaze covers the polished clay. It’s a long work to obtain this subtile finish where every piece achieves his unique caracter.

Metamorphosed material.
In three firings he transformes clay un unique decorative and usefull objects. Every firing is a test of fire, constrained matter until in extreme cases of bursting. If the object resists, it wins in perfection and beauty.

The shape in all pureness.
The simlicity of the shape is raised by a subtil, lightly structured decoration. Peter Fink brings a accent of preccious metal contrasting with the origin material. Yellow gold or liquid platinium are applied by hand with a brush after the second firing.

Sparkling colors.
The colour comes out of the material. Red, brown and cream. Every operation gives them a new intensity. And the last firing when the fire heats the metals every piece acquires the final aspect.